Today we were joined by children and young people at The Butterfly Hut in Bristol for our Animation Workshop.

The children spent time using their imagination to create some spectacular characters from plastercine. They then created story boards, and we must say there were some fabulous stories! Some chose to use our prepared backgrounds, others created their own or coloured in some we brought along.

The children and young people then worked one to one with our amazing Workshops Project Manager Liz using an animation package kindly sponsored by Hue Animation. Moving their characters and props and using the software, the children created some fabulous animations which we will be posting later this week on our You Tube Channel.

During the workshop we also used plastercine and a special needs keyboard kindly provided by our friends of the charity through our Amazon Wishlist.

Diane Blackmore, Chief Executive spoke to one of the youngsters during the workshop who said “I’ve been looking forward to today for ages, I love animation!”

The workshop was a huge success and it was a great pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of children and young people.





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